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Marchesi Alfieri

The family wine estate Marchesi Alfieri in Piemont (Italy), between Alba and Asti, is well-known for its Barberas. The wine estate has achieved worldwide fame with the Barbera d’Asti “Alfiera”.


On the Val d’Arno hills, only 14 km from Florence, Casamaggio offers a variety of proposals for your holidays in this delightful, untouched corner of Tuscany.

Vacanze in Toscana

Gut Dornau

The Dornau Estate Fisheries have a centuries old tradition; to be more exact they were mentioned in records in 1630. With their agricultural produce, and above all their fishing and walnut plantation, they are known throughout Austria.

Weingut Prager

Ilse and Toni Bodenstein have been responsible for the estate's quality since the early nineties. Their central philosophy: The wines should reflect the vineyard sites that grew them.

Weingut Weninger

Horitschon is surrounded by grape vines, they even seem to make up a good part of the village. The Weninger estate lies in the middle of the village, and here the vines are everywhere too. In the cellar, in our hands, and above all in our heads. We have been making wine here for generations.


Zwei Köpfe und viele Hände hat Decor@rtist – Viktoria Wallner und Stefanie Trauttmansdorff sind die Köpfe der Event-Dekorationsfirma und haben ihr Lebensmotto zur Firmenphilosophie gemacht: Es darf ruhig außergewöhnlich sein.

Murals - Illusions-&Dekorationsmalerei

We see ourselves as craftswomen who help you realise your dreams. Stephanie Hoyos and Sophie Trauttmansdorff paint walls to your wishes.They aim to revive and integrate traditional techniques for painting murals into the modern trends of interior design.